Jesse Rudolph's Website

Yeah, I know, there isn't really much here. There probably never will be. The purpose of this site is to serve as a place for me to store and show off source code and other artifacts of various projects I am currently, and have in the past worked on.

I am a huge fan of github as a comunity and search platform for open source software, but git itself is a complicated beast, and I much prefer either bazzar or darcs.

So for my personal projects, I use darcs, and host the master repositories on this server. I have not set up a web interface yet, which is OK because none of my current set of pet projects are in any sort of functional state yet.


ltwm - Lunch Tray Window Manager

I am of the strong opinion that lunch ladies long ago solved the user interface problem. You have a rectangular area for all of your stuff, and you divide it up into smaller rectangular areas of varying proportions